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Michael Sudarkasa

Michael Sudarkasa is a US-trained attorney and African economic development specialist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael has experience and expertise in facilitating economic development, trade and investment projects involving business expansion within Africa, as well as between Africa and other parts of the world. He has sector expertise in agriculture/ agribusiness; energy; broadcast media; infrastructure; healthcare; tourism and oil and gas.

He also has significant experience working with public sector institutions, Africa-active continental and international corporations and various bilateral and multilateral development partners. Michael’s background in law is in the area of commercial law with a special focus on cross-border transactions.

Michael has travelled, studied, or worked in 49 countries throughout the world (including 32 in Africa). He has also authored several articles and publications related to African trade and investment, including the Inclusive Business Finance Field Guide (UNDP 2012); and The African Business Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Resources for African Trade and Investment (21st Century Africa, Inc., 1991-92; 93-94; 96-97, ABM 2007-8), He is also the co-author of Investing in Africa: An Insider’s Guide to the Ultimate Emerging Market (John Wiley & Sons, August 2000, reprint January 2013).


Michael heads the Africa Business Group (ABG), which includes Africa Business Consulting (ABC), Africa Business Media (ABM), Africa Business Tourism, and Africa Business Energy.

Of African-American and Nigerian parentage, Michael was born in New York City, and raised principally in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has been based in South Africa since January 1999.

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