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Dr. Bailey is a Graduate Professor at the Howard University School of Education and is the Chair of the Howard University Republic of South Africa Project (HURSAP).  She served as Chair of the USA-ANC Centenary Committee in 2012, which marked the 100-year anniversary of the African National Congress and Howard University’s historic ties to South Africa.  Through this Committee, they were able to establish linkages with ANC and U.S. anti-apartheid activist luminaries.  

Through her over 25 years of working on issues relating to South Africa through the NAADPC, HURSAP, USA-ANC Centenary Committee, Maryland/South Africa Sister State Committee and Center for Drug Abuse Research, Dr. Bailey has been able to develop an ever-expanding network of partners in government, business, academic and nonprofit sectors in the U.S. and South Africa for the mutual benefit of both countries.



Tara is an attorney and women’s and youth leadership professional.  She received her Law degree (J.D. Cum Laude) and Master of Social Work degree from Howard University.  As a graduate student, she worked on the Howard University Republic of South Africa Project (HURSAP) in 1999 and traveled throughout South Africa assisting in the coordination of academic collaborations between South African HDIs and Howard University.  Currently, she serves as Program Coordinator for the Maryland/South Africa Sister State Committee’s Department of Social Development partnership,

managing the development of social welfare projects between the State of Maryland and its South African partners.  She also serves as Chairperson of the Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange and Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development Coach with Communities in School in Charlotte, N.C.


Emilia Potenza


Ms. Potenza has served as Curator of the Apartheid Museum since 2003, with responsibilities including improving the permanent exhibition, curating temporary exhibitions that travel locally and globally, designing and implementing education programmes, commissioning publications and fundraising.  She is a contributing author to a variety of English Language, Social Sciences (History) and Life Skills school textbooks and teachers’ guides for Grades 1 to 12.  Ms. Potenza is the former Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Apartheid Museum (from 2001) and was a Founder member of the National Education Union of South Africa, the first non-racial teacher union in South Africa. 


Among the many exhibitions curated under her direction are “From Apartheid to Democracy: the Struggle for Liberation in South Africa.”

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